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Diamond Fuji Shizuoka

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I think the year when I could see the sun-rise version Diamond Mt. Fuji will bring me a good fortune! I was lucky enough to see the spectrum from the sun. As for the shooting location, I took the picture around the border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture.
Mt. Fuji was very beautiful from the both of the sites.

Technical Details

  • Camera:SONY SLT-A33
  • Lens:DT 35mm F1.8 SAM
  • Date photographed:2014-01-29 07:49:58 +0900
  • ISO sensitivity:100
  • Duration of exposure:1/3200
  • Exposure compensation:-0.7
  • Aperture value:10.0
  • Focal length:52 mm
  • White balance:Daylight

AwardJudge's Comment

W Photo of the Week The 8th week of 2018
  • この瞬間、この場所。どちらが違っても成り立たなかった風景を切り取るために、たくさんの下調べや準備をされたんだろうなぁ、という時間にさえ思いを馳せました。「写真を撮る」という目的は、わたしたちが素敵な風景にめぐりあうための大きな原動力に。



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