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Okama Crater of Zao Miyagi

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Located on the border of Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures, the Zao Mountain Range has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains. Okama Crater is a crater-lake surrounded by three mountains (Kattadake, Kumanodake and Goshikidake) and, along with its frost-covered trees, is an iconic image of the Zao Mountains. Nicknamed the “Cauldron” because of its appearance, Okama Crater is also known locally as “Goshikinuma” (the five-coloured pond) thanks to the changing hues of the water from dark green to blue according to the sunlight. The colours of the crater-lake also fascinate visitors as they change depending on the angle of view. The lake is a kilometre in circumference, 325m in diameter, and has a depth of 27.6m. There is no life in the lake due to strong acidity of the water.

Technical Details

  • Camera:SONY ILCE-7C
  • Lens:E 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 A071
  • Date photographed:2022-10-15 12:04:24 +0900
  • ISO sensitivity:100
  • Duration of exposure:1/640
  • Exposure compensation:0
  • Aperture value:7.1
  • Focal length:30 mm
  • White balance:Auto

AwardJudge's Comment

W Photo of the Week The 49th week of 2022
  • 雄大な山の造形が捉えられており、自然が生み出した風景を前に神秘さを感じざるを得ません。峰を歩いてみたら、また違った風景が広がるのではないかと想像を掻き立てられます。



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